Danimal Planet is the brainchild of front man Danimal Pinson, who started with a collection of lush, ethereal loop-based songs that he could perform by himself in a complex dance of coordinated foot pedal stomps and knob twists/turns.

In April 2014, longtime musical collaborator and drummer, Adam Brown, came on board bringing an electronic drum kit and several other toys to the mix.

With the full sound now completely rounded out, the band recorded their debut EP themselves in January 2015, only to release "Penny In The Well" in April 2015 to raving reviews from both fans and local critics alike. 

Since "Penny in the Well" the band has been developing, solidifying, and refining its sound and members.  of Andrew Minnick,  Danimal Pinson Jessica Nunn, Josh Sable, and Tyler Martelli.

The new drummer, Andrew Minnick, has been a part of the local Chattanooga music scene for several years as a heavy hitting, poignant, and downright badass drummer. He has played with  The Formidables, The Tammys, Caverna, and now Danimal Planet. He adds a full sound using an organic kit and giving the band a heavier and more epic sound than it has ever had.



 With the support of their fans being the driving force, Danimal Planet knows the sky's the limit!



"With influence from the likes of Sigur Ros, Alt-J, Flaming Lips, their sound was one of the most intriguing of the festival. Even the rain couldn’t tear the crowd away from their inspiring set that methodically built soundscapes layered together to form a rich and vibrant work of art unlike any other." - Katie Davis/Hype Music Festivals


"Penny in the Well is another entry in what is easily some of the most gorgeous music being made anywhere today." - Marc Michael/The Pulse